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Know Your Girls

Susan G. Komen and the Ad Council launched the "Know Your Girls" campaign to educate and inspire black women to understand their risk and engage with information and tools that could ultimately promote early detection of breast cancer. The illustrated ads drove users to the website for information and tools to navigate breast cancer risk factors and prepare to have an informed conversation with their doctor.

The goal of the illustrations was to shift the audiences perception of their risk of breast cancer from that of fear to empowerment around breast health. Learning about your family history became "Know Your Roots", learning about your individual risk factors "Know Your Self" and learning how to be your best self advocate and knowing what to ask your doctor became "Know Your Power". Additionally, the illustrated ads resonated so well with the audience that they were used as the main visual for Essence Fest 2018 & 2019. What was intended to be a booth/backdrop for the event quickly became a place where the community began writing down the names of those affected or lost to breast cancer.

Role: Creative Strategy & Illustrator

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